Dave Dunne
General Manager
Salt River Fields

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick has used the FleurComGroup to help bolster awareness of its concerts, festivals and special events since its inception.  FleurComGroup has done a tremendous job of generating media awareness for SRF’s events, and has been a big part of the success of these events.  You are almost guaranteed a tremendous connection between your event, the media, and your target audiencewhen you partner with FleurComGroup.  Thanks to everyone at FleurComGroup for all of their great help!

David Tyda
Affordable Food Festivals

FleurComGroup is the best! We’ve had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Dunne and her team on the Arizona Taco Festival, Arizona BBQ Festival, and other marquee events at Salt River Fields. They have arranged a staggering amount of publicity for our events and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to manage all the coverage. (Like getting up at the insane hour of 4am for early-morning news segments). They’re professional, fun to work with, and get results. We’ll say it again: they’re the best!

Chris Hall
Communications Manager

Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Cynthia Dunne and her savvy team of professionals at FCG are a formidable force.  Thorough, perceptive, and clever, you can’t miss by having FCG at the helm of all things marketing and PR for your business.  With tenacious resolve, this team gets the job done.  The best part?  They are a delight to work with! 

Laurie Cullity
Cofounder & Executive Director
Desert Stages Theatre

For us, FleurComGroup completes the last mile.  And that’s no easy feat because we produce 400 stage nights a year, and if no one knows about them, we’re in trouble.  The FCG team knows the heart of our brand.  They translate what we do and never tire of telling our story to news critics and theatre-goers alike.  Whether it’s a snappy slogan in our e-newsletters, TV coverage of a show or simply keeping us on the community’s radar, they keep us relevant beyond our theatre walls, and we’re grateful!

Michelle McGee
Wild Game Grill

Wild Game Grill contracted FleurComGroup to help launch a new restaurant concept in Central Phoenix in 2014. Right from our initial meeting, FleurComGroup exceeded our expectations. From the hands-on owner Cynthia Dunne to her very capable associate, Amanda Moore, they handled all our questions/concerns with a rare combination of professionalism and enthusiasm. We love that they’re proactive and stayed on top of ensuring that our restaurant was well exposed. They developed social media campaigns, e-blasts, news coverage that included live TV reports from our restaurant, and even produced for us a colorful reception for food bloggers. We couldn’t have asked for better – especially as a new restaurant. FleurComGroup simply is the best money you’ll ever spend when it comes to your public relations budget.

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